DEVIL project progress - Autumn 2012

Thank you for your continued input and welcome to those who have recently registered.

So far analysis is complete up to mid May, however work is ongoing on the more recent data. We have examined the relationship between symptom scores and dialysis days. Despite there being no clear relationship overall, in a proportion of participants there is a noticeable difference in a variety of the measures and we are looking into this further. Further work is also looking at possible relationships with anaemia and, for those not on dialysis, kidney function.

We will be presenting a poster reporting the initial findings from this website at the American Society of Nephrology conference in November. The original abstract and poster will be available on our return along with a summary of any feedback. This will be used to help us to refine the use of the website.

As part of ongoing development work there is now the facility to return a graph of your previous results after you have submitted your answers. If you would like this facility activated on your account then please use the feedback function to let us know. We are currently discussing potential ways to gather additional specific information including dialysis session times and (for PD patients) your 24 hour UF volume. We plan for these questions to be optional but we would certainly invite your feedback on these ideas or any other points.

In other news:
In partnership with our colleagues in the liver department we have now launched a similar site for patients with liver disease.

DEVIL project progress - Summer 2012

Thank you to everyone who is taking part in this project, especially those that have been submitting data since December.

This initial phase has been about testing out the technology and understanding the general patterns of the results submitted. We can now work towards being able to give individual feedback. In the mean time you will notice that we have added a question about fistula function, we want to see if we can use this to help predict fistula problems at an early stage.

This project is open to any Derby Renal patient, so if you know anyone else who might be interested then please do encourage them to get in touch via the unit or this website.

Finally if you wish to make any comments or give any feedback on this website then please send us a message.

Research Newsletter

In Derby there are currently over 100 PD patients, around 240 HD patients and 130 transplant patients with roughly 180 in low clearance clinic.

The patients are highly engaged with the research ethos of the department. In order to keep patients informed about research outcomes, consequent changes in patient care and projects in development disseminated the research team produce a biannual newsletter.

Below you will find a link to the most recent Derby Renal Research Newsletter

Summer 2011 Derby Renal Research PDF newsletter